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Rutherford Elementary

Webinar with students from Mfangano Island, Kenya

A Peace Assembly with all Rutherford students connected with teachers and students from Kenya using a projected webinar format.  Students from both countries learned more about each other's similarities and differences.  Rutherford students made contributions to help improve the educational environment on Mfangano Island.

Webinar with students from Mfangano Island, Kenya (part 2)

Student achievement is a central theme at Rutherford.  State Standards, District Curriculum, and Creative Opportunities support a foundation for al students to meet academic success.

Rutherford is a well-designed open-spaced facility that provides a framework for instruction and class areas where staff is able to incorporate differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students. Students and teachers value teamwork to promote high academic achievement in all curricular areas.

First Grade Curriculum Video

Second Grade Curriculum Video

Third Grade Curriculum Video

Fifth Grade Curriculum Video

Sixth Grade Curriculum Video


Online FeePay – One place for families to pay for everything!

August 21, 2014

We have implemented a new FeePay™ system, which provides one place, with one login, for you to register and pay online for school related things.