Oak Park Elementary

Oak Park Elementary

Oak Park Elementary is a community of about 480 learners representing a wide array of ages and abilities. In addition to our traditional kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms, we are also home to a preschool program, the district-wide K-6 autism program, and the district-wide Gifted and Talented (GATE) program. The diversity of our student body makes Oak Park an exciting and welcoming place to learn and grow.

Providing our students with a solid foundation for the rest of their lives is our priority. Our preschool teachers work closely with other grade-level teachers to ensure they are preparing our youngest learners for success. We also offer a free, all-day, everyday kindergarten program. Teachers at all of our grade levels are highly-qualified and work hard to offer our students personal and individualized instruction.

Making children the center of all decisions provides a framework for our school mission. We believe that positive and caring relationships are important to student success. Supporting evidence of our love of working with children can be seen throughout the school and in each and every classroom. Oak Park teachers go the extra mile to make the learning experience fulfilling for all children.

Oak Park Elementary is one of nine elementary schools in the Stillwater Area Public School District 834. Oak Park and the Stillwater Area Public Schools have a proud tradition of providing children with challenging learning, a respectful environment, and a variety of opportunities for enrichment.  


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Online FeePay – One place for families to pay for everything!

August 21, 2014

We have implemented a new FeePay™ system, which provides one place, with one login, for you to register and pay online for school related things.

Elementary Schools to Follow New Six-Day Schedule

Six-day rotating schedule means more time for music, art, Phy Ed and media.