Puzzles at the ECFC

Early Childhood Family Center

For many local families, our Early Childhood Family Center is a home away from home - a place where their children receive the very best in social, emotional and academic skill development. School district staff, along with therapists and teachers from Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916, work collaboratively to provide families with quality services.

This is a new facility that was built after more than 20 years of the school district leasing space to house early childhood programs. School leaders believe the long-term benefits of owning a facility outweigh the benefits of continuing to rent space for early childhood programs.

Construction of the new building was financed at a cost of about $10 million. Lease levy dollars, which have been used in the past to rent a facility, are now going toward paying back debt over the next 18 years. A $1 million donation from Lee and Dorothy Whitson was also used to offset construction costs.

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