Early Childhood Family Education

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a unique program that offers parents the opportunity to go to school and learn along with their child! Parents are their children's first and most important teachers. It has been proven that children whose parents are involved in their early education are more successful in school.

ECFE classes provide support, information and education for parents and their children, ages birth to 5. Parents and children attend weekly classes together. Most ECFE classes provide time for parent/child interaction as well as a separation time when parents enjoy a group discussion regarding child development and parenting issues. During this time, children continue activities in the classroom with their early childhood teachers. Participant fees for most classes are based on a sliding fee scale. No family is excluded for inability to pay. 

Class Categories

  • Busy Babies (Newborns-12 months)Children grow and learn along side each other with their parents. 
  • Toddler TimeOpportunity for parents and toddlers to play together for half of the class and separate for the second half of class. Parent discussion include ideas on how to respond to challenging behaviors, activities and experiences to support a toddler's learning, and more.
  • Tender TwosSpend time with your child learning about encouraging and challenging their learning. Parent discussion topics include teaching independence, setting limits, preventing temper tantrums and more.
  • Terrific ThreesParents and children enjoy activities together and time apart. Parent discussion topics include your child's temperament, healthy communication, setting limits, and more. 
  • STEAM Adventures!This class will focus on helping young children and parents discover science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics together!
  • Mixed Ages (1-4 years): This class encourages and challenges language development, social interaction, and more. 
  • Afternoon and Evening AdventuresSpecial new monthly ECFE class for parents and children. Each class is 3 weeks long.
  • Grandparent/Grandkids:NEW! Share with other grandparents the joys and challenges of this special role in the life of a child.
  • Multiples: Twins, Triplets, and More! Join us to talk about the special joys and challenges of being a family with multiples!
  • Special Family EventsCheck out our latest offerings for special parent/child events!

Please call 651-351-4000 with any questions.