Targeted Services

Targeted Services is a program designed to support students who learn in different ways or at a different pace from others.  By offering additional time for learning in new and fun ways in smaller learning environments, Targeted Services programs give students the opportunity to improve their social and academic skills.

Program Contact:

Linda Moncrief
Project Assistant of Teaching and Learning
Phone: 651.351.8385


  • Targeted Services classes are taught by certified teachers who serve 12-15 students in a small-classroom setting. Time is spent working in math and reading curriculums that are designed for after school programs and summer programs.
  • Classes are offered to eligible students in grades 1-8.  Days and times vary from site to site with some before school and others after school.  Summer Success classes are offered at three air-conditioned sites in late July into early August.
  • Students who perform below the achievement level of their classmates may qualify for Targeted Services.
  • Students receive instruction and practice in the major math topics of number sense, basic operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, mental math, and problem solving.
  • The reading curriculum provides practice to improve oral reading, comprehension, word study (vocabulary, phonics, and structure), and test-taking.
  • Strategies in study skills, organization and social skills are incorporated into the program.

Funding:  The school district receives state funds based on the number of students served.  The program is self-supporting and offered at no fee to students enrolled.