Students Infront of ALC

St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center

What is the ALC?

St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center is a secondary school designed for those students who meet the Minnesota Graduations Incentive Criteria for at-risk students, and who are between the ages of 16 to 20 years old (or 21 if you have a disability) for the ALC North program, and at least 15 years old for the ALC 10th grade program. The program offers small classes, individual attention, and non-traditional approaches to learning.

School Year

St. Croix Valley ALC is a year-round program of eight grading periods. The school year begins in July and continues through June with scheduled breaks throughout the year. Typically, grading periods run for four weeks with a week break before the start of the next grading period. There is no school in August. The July term is required as part of a student’s full-time status. It is not an optional grading period.


St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center is committed to providing learners an educational program that addresses the multiple needs and capabilities of the whole student, and promotes his or her successful completion of requirements and standards for the awarding of a high school diploma.

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A Welcome Letter from the Director

Don Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., ALC Director