School Closings, Delays, Early Release

Information regarding School Closings, Delays or Early Releases

The decision to close our schools is never made lightly. The decision is largely based on the ability of school buses to travel the roads safely and the conditions bus riders will face while waiting for the bus. We do not have a temperature number whereby we decide to close school, or an amount of snowfall that determines when we must close. The decision on whether or not to hold school is always based on student and employee safety

Should a decision be made that will impact the school day, you will receive an automated phone message from the district as early as possible. You can also listen to WCCO-830 radio, or watch any of the local television stations, WCCO Channel 4, KSTP Channel 5, FOX Channel 9, and KARE 11 to get the latest information on school closings.  School closing, delay or early dismissal information will be posted on our district and school websites, and on the district’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.




If classes are canceled for an entire day, all regular after school and Community Education activities including Adventure Club, ECFE, adult and youth classes, and facility use are also canceled unless otherwise noted.

Specific announcements will be made on the local stations listed if special activities scheduled can be held because of improved weather conditions. 


If a decision is made to delay the start of school, starting times will be delayed two hours.  

When there is a delayed start:

  • 5-Day preschool will start two hours late
  • A.M. Preschool special education and ECFE are automatically canceled.
  • P.M. Preschool special education and ECFE will start at the normal time.
  • Morning session St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center classes are automatically canceled.
  • Afternoon session St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center classes will start at the normal time.
  • All Day session and ABE classes at St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center classes follow the SAHS schedule.


Parents and staff members should continue to listen to the radio for later announcements of a possible closing as more information is gathered on weather and road conditions. 

All employees are required to report to work at their regular time or as close as possible to their regular time. 


Staff members will be released to leave the building as soon as the principal determines that the safety of the children is assured.  Custodians will be expected to work normal hours unless otherwise notified by the principal.

The Adventure Club program will remain open until all children regularly enrolled in the program have been picked up.  Program staff will contact parents requesting them to pick up their children as soon as possible. 


If a school has a delayed start time due to inclement weather, Adventure Club staff members will attempt to get to the site as close to normal opening time as possible.  You must call your Adventure Club site prior to leaving home to make sure that staff members have arrived and are in the building. Adventure Club program sites will remain open until the start of the school day.

 If District 834 closes school, Stillwater students attending Valley Crossing will not have school.

If classes are canceled for an entire day a decision to cancel after school athletics will be made by 10 a.m. If a weather emergency occurs late in the afternoon, and the normal school day has not been affected, the Athletic/Activities Supervisor will make decisions regarding cancellation of evening athletic competitions and student activities.  Specific announcements will be made on the local stations listed.