Operations & Transportation

Dennis Bloom, Director of Operations, 651.351.8379

Benjamin Davis, Transportation Coordinator, 651.351.8377

The Operations and Transportation Department oversees a variety of operational functions, including transportation and building and facility maintenance.

New For 2014-2015:
Elementary students living half of a mile or further from school will be eligible for bus service and junior high and high school students living one mile or more from school will also be eligible. This is a change from the current transportation zones of one mile for elementary students and two miles for secondary students.

The new rule takes effect in September 2014 and will provide bussing services to about 630 more students than are currently served. The fee for service program, which has allowed families to pay for bussing if they live outside of the transportation zone, will no longer be available. To learn more, contact Ben Davis at 651.351.8377.

District bussing company Minnesota Central can be reached at 651.430.3311.

Transportation Forms

Transportation registration is required for all Stillwater Area High School students (grades 10-12), and all non-public and charter school students in grades K-12.

Transportation Information Overview

FAQs, District Policy Information, Boundary Maps, School Bus Safety Training Information

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